A holistic therapy intending to enhance emotional, mental & physical well-being using the human voice.

Whilst no guaranteed outcome is implied, the aim of this therapy is to allow healing sound to benefit the client for the highest good, using the live (unrecorded) voice of the practitioner.

Instruments including tuning forks may also be used.

In these methods the client lies or sits passively:


The practitioner uses the voice to make a general scan of the client's body. Healing is addressed to the whole person using voice and tuning forks. Specific areas can be addressed.

Musical Scale

This is slowly sung to an accompanying drone to create musical intervals. It is focussed on the body generally in first an ascending and later a descending direction.

Sa Re Ga

The scale is divided in 3 sections which are repeated. Indian note names are sung.

Bija Mantras

Specific traditional syllables are sung or spoken to address 7 chakras in first an ascending and later a descending direction.

In another method, developed by Illona Wong, the client actively speaks new chakra sounds with the practitioner.

The cost per session (about 60 minutes) is £30. Concessions are considered.

The following information is copied from the College of Sound Healing

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